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Communities worldwide are about to face major job losses due to automation and emerging technologies like AI, 3D Printing, Smart Robots, and Intelligent Vehicles. Without proper planning to retrain and develop capacity, it will be chaotic. Many communities will be facing devastating financial and social impacts of these changes.

This course is designed for people that are getting ready to enter the job market or have just started to give them an understanding of the magnitude of this change and how it can affect their future careers.


Students will learn about the basics of strategic planning and seismic changes in the work environment.

Develop a good understanding of emerging technologies and which technologies are going to have a major impact on the jobs

Have an action plan on where to go next and plan for a professional career




     – A better understanding of future jobs

    Where to go next and start developing a career plan

    Certificate of attendance by IdeaGist USA and TechCast Global

    Format & Schedule

    • One full-day classroom program in an auditorium setting. The course is scheduled on-demand based on the needs of the partnering universities. Minimum classroom size.

    Course Outline

    1. Understanding our superpowers
    An understanding of time and strategic planning for the future.

    2. Understanding emerging technologies
    Based on the global think tank, TechCast Global, work is done through their network of 150 top emerging technologies experts, offers a broader overview of the technology revolution.

    3. 7 Emerging Technologies disrupting our future today
    Out of the 49 emerging technologies currently on the horizon, 7 are picked by the IdeaGist as most disruptive. An overview of the selection process and results will be provided.

    4. 3D Printing and its current and future applications
    Zooming in further, the definition of each technology, its components, current challenges, future impact on jobs, and real-world examples of its applications will be shared with the participants.

    5. Artificial Intelligence and its current and future applications

    6. Augmented Reality and its current and future applications

    7. Blockchain and its current and future applications

    8. Internet of Things and its current and future applications

    9. Intelligent Vehicles and its current and future applications

    10. Smart Robots and its current and future applications

    11. Technology Convergence – The Smart Revolution
    Discussion on the potential of these emerging technologies supporting each other and creating new applications through convergence.

    12. Dying and radically transformed careers
    Insights on which professions will be adversely affected by the technology revolution and which new careers are on the horizon.

    13. What will companies need in the future?
    An overview of the future demand in terms of what kind of workers would they require.

    14. What can you do today to get ready for the jobs of the future?
    A sample action plan for short-term and long-term to take advantage of these technologies and become more successful.

    Training Fee

    This will be a full day of on-campus training and the total cost of this training is PKR 200,000.

    Limited Grants are Available

    Certification of Attendance:

    Certificate from IIKI (Optional) – 3,000/- PKR
    Certificate from IdeaGist USA – 1,000/- PKR

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