Gist Technology enables entrepreneurs and enterprises to manage

the entire idea lifecycle – from idea to impact

Gist Technology Idea management platform enables entrepreneurs and enterprises to crowd source innovative ideas. With Gist Technology, prioritize and track all ideas in your pipeline, from original conception to implementation-in new products and services, improved processes, and enhanced customer experience. Gist Technology is the most advance Idea and innovation management platform equipped with all the best of the best solutions.

Gist Technology idea management solution

Gist Technology “Idea management” solution is designed for entrepreneurs’ startups, enterprises, employees, investors, and vendors to share ideas and opportunities for innovation in a secure, positive way. Eventually these ideas bring about growth, positive solutions and a supportive work environment.



There are many activities associated with idea management, including idea gathering, idea voting and commenting, idea stage management, idea flagging, idea tagging, idea review and assessment, idea evaluation, and more. Each of these features fulfils different needs throughout the idea management process, but the three main goals of the process are to gather, identify, evaluate, and implement. With Gist Technology idea management solutions, it is possible to achieve each of these goals from within our solutions.

Initially, our idea management consisted of a clearly defined ideation and innovation process, which included ideation, idea evaluation and implementation in the form of clearly defined successive steps.

 An Idea collection, evaluation, and tracking system with judging mechanism, portfolio of ideas, and associated business process that are optimized for digital management.

 Gist Technology also offers that the groomed ideas could be pitched to the concerned stakeholders/internal investors to get funding/Investment.

 Gist Technology have solutions to everyday problems in an entrepreneurial way. If you have an idea or an innovation that requires strategic planning, framework and direction to make it a success Gist Technology is here with infinite ways to turn your Idea or innovation to a new venture.




An idea that can radically transform your business. Gist Technology enables you to easily uncover these ground-breaking ideas, manage them, and bring them to market with minimal effort