Request IdeaGist StartUp Pakistan Training Completion Certification

If you need IdeaGist StartUp Pakistan Training Completion Certification for the test you passed under the Startup Pakistan program, please complete the certificate request form. The certificate will be issued in electronic form and will be verifiable.

Please note that your continued participation in the Startup Pakistan program does not require you to have this certificate.

The earlier fee for the paper certificate was PKR 2,000. The new fee for an electronic-only certificate is PKR 1,200.

If you submitted the fee for the paper certificate and have not received it, please send an email to with a copy of your bank deposit slip, your name, email address, Cohort, and Test date. You Can Also Send Details on our WhatsApp +92 301 1198913

Request Form

Please enter the full name as it appears on the university/college site.
If you are a WhatsApp user, please provide the number that you use for WhatsApp
Please use the email address that you use to log in to the IdeaGist platform.
Please provide the date when you completed the test
The certificate fee for the electronic-only version is PKR 1,200. Without a fee, no application will be processed. Please send your receipts to or on our Support WhatsApp Number +92 301 1198913